2017 Legislative Session – Week 3

Dear Friends in Senate District 15 ~

Over 800 of you responded to my survey – thank you very much.  I so appreciate you taking time to give me your input on issues facing the legislature this year.  Here are the results of the survey: http://www.margaretdayton.com/2017-issues-survey-results.html

On Monday, students and faculty of the Utah Valley University came up to the Hill to demonstrate their booths to inform legislators of the many unique opportunities that UVU provides to their students.
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We discuss such a wide range of issues that impact our state.  Here is an update on 3 other topics that have generated a lot of interest:


SB111: Unmanned Aircraft Amendments

Unmanned Aircrafts, or drones, are a newer technology that creates regulation issues and confusion around the country.  This bill seeks to clarify a unifying drone code for the State of Utah.  This bill enumerates safe practices for flying drones, addresses privacy and voyeurism, declares it unlawful to attach a weapon to a drone, and clarifies the different rules for commercial versus private use.  This bill initially came before the legislature last session, but the sponsor held the bill in favor of more discussion and work over the interim.  The Unmanned Aircraft Amendments have undergone many changes due to stake holder input over the last year.  This bill passed out of the Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Standing Committee.


SB82: Library Technology Use Amendments

In the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee on the 31st, Senator Weiler presented SB82 Library Technology Use Amendments.  Senator Weiler said that about 15 years ago, Congress passed a law that stated that any library that accepts federal funds is required to filter internet content.  About 12 years ago, the State of Utah said the same thing, that libraries that accept state funds are required to have filters on their internet connected computers.  Both of these laws went into effect before the wide use of wireless internet.  Senator Weiler found out that some libraries only have filters on their computers that are directly connected to the internet.  If the library provides wireless internet service, that service is not always filtered.

This bill is designed to extend the law that was created 12 years ago to include filtering of wireless internet at public libraries. Senator Weiler asked the State Library Association to provide a list of libraries in Utah that do not filter their Wi-Fi. Though there is a cost to a library upgrading its system to allow for filtering, there is no fiscal note with this bill. Separately, Senator Weiler has submitted a small appropriations request to be able to give these libraries grants to be able to upgrade their systems to allow them to add filters to their Wi-Fi.

SB82 passed out of the committee with a favorable recommendation on a vote of 6-0-2.

Many of you have heard about the upcoming Western Conservation and Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City February 16-19.  Over 40,000 sportsmen from 45 states and 17 countries will gather at the Salt Palace.  The event is projected to generate $30 million in economic activity and include $5 million in private funds to be used for conservation purposes within the State of Utah.  Three hundred sixty vendors are slated to participate in the expo, which maintains a waiting list of 150 other interested businesses.

Utah has become a top destination for those drawn to our lands, our wildlife and the markets that exist in the state for sportsmen products.

The interests of hunters align well with those who want to see state management of our public lands.  History has shown watershed management, and more food for elk, deer, bison, wild turkey and numerous other species of birds and small mammals that can be found throughout Utah.

Hunting in our state has become a $2.3 billion dollar industry and one that we strongly encourage and support.

Several emails and calls and letters have come my way addressing concerns with Cabinet appointments President Trump is making, policy decisions President Trump is making, and other topics of national concern.  All of these communications need to be sent to our Congressional delegation:  For Cabinet appointment concerns, please contact one of our United States Senators.  Here is their contact information:

Senator Mike Lee: https://www.lee.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

Senator Orrin Hatch: http://www.hatch.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-orrin

We are represented by in the House by Congressman Chaffetz.  His contact information is (801) 851-2500 or he can be contacted through the following link: https://chaffetz.house.gov/contact/

For issues before Congress, your concerns are best directed to these gentlemen

For issues of state concern, I will continue to respond to your calls and messages (or have my intern respond for me if I can’t reply in a timely manner)


It is an honor to represent the best senate district in the best state in the best nation in the world.


Yours for freedom ~

Margaret Dayton


As always, you can follow the legislature through the Legislature’s website: http://le.utah.gov/.  The tabs on the left of this site will allow you to access various legislators, bills, and committees.  The ‘Audio · Video’ tab in the middle of the screen will allow you to listen to live and past committee meetings if you do not have the opportunity to visit the Capitol.  The House and Senate Floor while the ‘Calendar’ tab with show the times and locations of these meetings.

You can connect with me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SenatorMargaretDayton  or email at mdayton@le.utah.gov

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