No Child Left Behind

  • Margaret Dayton has been an inexhaustible, effective opponent of the federal government’s “No Child Left Behind” program. She believes that…
  • No parent, no educator, no government official disputes the concept that schools ought to be accountable for the quality of education they provide our children. The question is, to whom should schools be accountable? Is it to the federal government? Or is it to the parents of the children and the local communities?
  • No question about it. Schools should be accountable to parents and to the communities where the schools exist.
  • Margaret stood nearly alone when she began to politely, but firmly, tell the federal government that they were wrong by imposing “one-size-fits-all” federal standards on local schools throughout the nation.
  • She has emerged as a national voice of opposition to this well-intentioned but misguided program, appearing on dozens of local and national news programs. When the national news media talk of No Child Left Behind, they call and talk to Utah’s State Representative Margaret Dayton.
  • Margaret has gained a considerable amount of company in her fight. To date, 49 out of 50 states* have followed Margaret’s lead, joining her resistance to No Child Left Behind.